BMW April 2022

Kapci 6030 2K HS clearcoat is VOC compliant and is the ideal choice whenever a glossy finish and exceptional brilliance are required. The acrylic clearcoat exhibits a high gloss and durable finish when applied over Kapci Dima 9670 waterborne basecoats and Kapcibase 670/640 basecoats thanks to its outstanding flow attributes. It offers comprehensive UV protection. With these properties, Kapci 6030 HS Clear VOC, ensures refinishing results that meet the highest standards.

This durable clearcoat provides you with a fast drying, easy-to-use offer with a simple 2:1 mixing ratio. Due to its high solid content, it saves on product whilst also offering excellent polished surface characteristics. For this reason, Kapci 6030 does not require polishing as it offers a very good gloss finish. In a case where some dirt has contaminated the surface, denib using P2000 or finer and machine polish using Kapci K20 and K40 polish compounds.

Kapci 6030 comes available with 3 Hardener choices.  6033 provides the fastest process time at 60°C, 6037 can be used when a slower option is needed and 6035 which is suitable for applications in a low bake environment to provide optimum performance at temperatures of up to 30°C or when air drying is required.