BMW April 2022

Quick, reliable and accurate are qualities that every body shop operator is looking for in a colour matching tool. KAPCI Colour Tools are an edge ahead when it comes to these inherent attributes. KAPCI’s huge cloud database of colours provides the perfect colour match and formula, optimized for any individual vehicle. 

KAPCIBLINK5A which is compatible with the KAPCI Search and Correct software was developed to increase efficiency and increase profitability and throughput while reducing waste. 3 000 new formulas are added every month with a real time update every two weeks for new colours. The device is used in colour matching for Kapci Base 670, Kapci Cryl 660 and Kapci Dima paint lines. With its key features that include a touchscreen, indicator lamp and a USB charging port, the device is quite versatile in all aspects. Other key functions which make KAPCIBLINK 5A a cut above previous versions are that it is much more convenient in usage as it’s calibrated only once every 14 days, to cover the whole range of the colour spectrum. 

KAPCI MIX software is an efficient mobile application built for convenience in completing colour matching jobs in multiple areas. Its compatibility with various social media applications makes it a versatile tool as the user can send colour formulas in a matter of seconds. 

This is part of KAPCI’s commitment to deliver 100% digital colour solutions for its vehicle refinishes customers.  

 The Kapci variant system contains colour boxes with 120 colour swatches, which allows matching of more than 35 000 colours. As a colour visual tool, the variant system is designed and is handy for those that prefer traditional but efficient ways of colour matching.

The International Colour box comes complementary and contains more than 14 500 standard colours of all International vehicle brands. All colours have the formulas available on the Kapci Smart Mix system and therefore are just a touch away from retrieval. 

In situations where a user does not have a manufacturer’s colour code the KAPCI Colour Guide comes in handy in quickly identifying and selecting the correct colour family. The system covers the whole spectrum for matching of over 4 000 solid, metallic and pearlescent colours.