Recently the team at Kanye Vimba installed four new Nitrotherm units at a top high volume shop in Bartlett. Already they have seen more than 20% savings in paint and even more in time too. They have seen amazing gloss retention and surface leveling with the Nitrotherm and they are very happy with their investment.

Nitrotherm Spray saves costs and time while maintaining a very high-quality and consistent finish. Savings of approximately 25% can be made on coating materials and 30% on labour costs.

The system reduction of overspray and rebounding paint, cleaner working environment, improvements in finish and reduction in application time. Return on investment (ROI) is generally measured in months. With over 20 Nitrotherm machines installed nationwide to date, the demand to join the Nitrotherm revolution is growing at a rapid pace. Kanye Vimba is currently busy with six on-site demonstrations and booking spots are filling up quickly.

Nitrotherm – the only OEM approved heated nitrogen application system

With Nitrotherm being the only OEM approved system, vehicle manufacturer’s are grabbing the opportunity to make a difference in their business. Nitrotherm is available in various models. Nitrorobot is the top of the range unit connected to work with Robots in various factories.

The Nitrotherm system offers OEMs numerous advantages; the importance of a greener environmental impact, the ability to provide clean stable air, better transfer efficiency and ultimately giving the best quality look and feel achieveable.

In replacing the traditional fluid carrier of filtered compressed air with a clean, dry and ionised nitrogen-enriched supply, the system eliminates problems associated with moisture and static electricity.

The nitrogen is also free from impurities such as dust, oil, oil-fumes and other chemical contaminants present in the feed air. This means that the paint does not react in any way to the carrier as it passes through the spray gun or during application.

Nitrogen travels faster than compressed air enabling a lower pressure spray, which leads to reduced working pressure, less overspray, increased transfer efficiency and less spraybooth maintenance, extending the life of booth filters and creating a cleaner working environment.

Quality, speed and cost savings

Paint can be applied with a more defined and precise spraying cone, giving a higher definition of image and enabling improved colour matching in solvent and waterborne paints. Heating the nitrogen reduces the viscosity and makes paint application easier, which has proved to be decisive in accelerating flash off and evaporation times, regardless of the ambient temperature.

With Nitrotherm Spray each coat adheres to the surface being sprayed rapidly and without altering the properties of the paint. More material can be laid in one coat with reduced waiting time between coats. Sags, runs, drips and orange peel associated with traditional application are reduced.

Easy installation

Nitrotherm Spray System is quick to install and can be used with all kinds of air compressors, paints, spray guns and in all temperatures, including across multiple spraybooths.

Painters are able to spray more cars, make more money, use less paint and produce higher quality work. The learning curve is very shallow and all current spray guns and other equipment can be used.

Nitrotherm Spray System is a real revolution for the bodyshop industry.


Why Nitrotherm?

* Significant savings – reduces coating materials costs by 25%
* Improved refinish – precise cone, reduced orange peel, no mottling, better colour matching
* Cleaner environment – reduced overspray and rebounding paint, less wastage, less maintenance
* Reduced application time – save 30%+ on labour costs
* Low start up requirements – use existing manual or robotic equipment
* Suitable for all coatings
* Water- or solvent-borne
* 1K and 2K materials
* Acrylic
* High solid (HS)
* Primers and fillers
* Basecoats (including metallic)
* Enamels
* Clearcoats
* Powder coats

Nitrotherm Spray System is available in South Africa exclusively through Kanye Vimba.

Find even out more at or by calling Kanye Vimba on +27 (0)11 396 1161.