BMW April 2022

It is wonderful to see a family business operating successfully in the area of technical automotive refinish supplies.  John’s Mega Paint Group has bucked all the ups and downs of the collision repair trade dramas and is now one of three branches operating. John’s Mega Paint Group have made a policy of owning all the company operating outlets across the West Rand of Johannesburg.

What started as a family business in 2005 by John and Silvana van Niekerk, has grown into a larger family business operating from Krugersdorp, Roodepoort and Kya Sands. The John’s brand and reputation has grown over the past 17 years and is well known and trusted by their customers. John’s Mega Paint Group is all about excellent customer service and quality products at very competitive prices.

Paint is about colour and quality and the John’s Mega Paint Group is proud to be associated with quality paint brands such as DeBeer Refinish and other major brands. Their supplier partnerships are vital in providing quality products at affordable prices.

The company have stepped into an area where they feel inspired by their customer service levels and everyone takes considerable time and effort to look after their DIY clients, who mostly come from the Cosmo City area of operations at Jason’s branch. DeBeer Refinish colour matching section currently sees three expert colour matchers producing over 80 body shop and industrial paint matches per day with Valspar. brands. Their Jotun industrial brand making a major portion of the company’s every day turnover as well.

The various separate markets that they all service are boosted by the accuracy of the DeBeer Refinish fast formula retrievals package. Jason says that their colour matching ability has increased exponentially since the company started up late last year on the back of the last ten years of this booming sector. John’s Mega Paint Group’s philosophy of keeping on excellent terms with key aftermarket system suppliers in refinish, abrasives and sundry products has been a pivotal part of their success.

The Roodepoort branch (Mega Auto Paints) was taken over by Nick and Sandra van Niekerk in 2017, with their children Davin and Chantel now also part of the business.

The Kya Sands branch (Johns Auto and Industrial Coatings) was opened in 2019 and is now capably managed by John’s son-in-law Jason Walker and John’s daughter Candice van Niekerk. Jason’s first ever job was as a shelf packer in the Krugersdorp branch. He has taken this vast knowledge of the business from the ground up and put it into practice to make Kya Sands a very productive and key part of the group. He now has a team of six operating with over six high profile brands in the aftermarket sales space.

Story and pics by Ian Groat