Boosting a body shop’s profitability doesn’t always have to involve making investments. One can enhance efficiency and improve throughput with relatively small innovations such as these new products from Glasurit, BASF’s premium refinish paint brand.

New Clearcoats – brilliant for an excellent finish


This new clearcoat applied in one and half coats without flash-off in-between coats, provides an excellent finish after only a short drying time in the oven at 60°C panel temperature. Moreover, 923-610 also boasts outstanding drying properties at 40°C and at room temperature. The new clearcoat has excellent polishing characteristics and can be applied to both vertical and horizontal panels.

The clearcoat can also be used flexibly by applying 1½ coats with no flash-off, or two coats with a short flash-off in-between coats. In both applications the painter will achieve a perfect paint result regardless of whether HVLP or RP sprayguns are used. These features make 923-610 perfectly suited for quickly repairing cosmetic damage and individual panels, as well as for refinishing entire vehicle sides. For the bodyshop, this ultimately means: Greater efficiency due to a wide range of possible applications, shorter processing times and lower energy costs.


This is the ideal choice whenever a glossy finish and exceptional brilliance is required. Glasurit 923-630 HS Clear Superior Gloss VOC is superior at several levels thanks to its outstanding flow, high gloss level and extraordinary finish quality. On top of that, it offers comprehensive UV protection. With these properties, Glasurit 923-630 HS Clear superior gloss VOC ensures refinishing results that meet the highest standards.

Air-Drying booster


This additive was developed as a booster for air-drying Glasurit’s portfolio of clear coats. It enables faster drying thus increasing throughput, both in the paint booth and in the furnace. For example, it ensures that the clear coats 923-610 and -630 are fully cured at room temperature in half the time, making air-drying a realistic alternative to furnace drying. This enables workshops to save energy, thereby cutting costs and conserving resources. It also allows painting booths and furnaces to be used faster for further repair orders, thus increasing throughput.

Practical experience has shown that the additive also boosts furnace drying significantly. At 60°C, it is possible to save up to a third of the time. After one year on the market and positive feedback from many users, Glasurit has now approved this air-drying additive for use with furnace drying. Workshops can use this additive to make their processes more flexible, cut process times and energy costs, and increase their productivity.