BMW April 2022

Celette SA have introduced a new line of world class welders to compliment their range of high quality equipment for the body shop industry. The new Italian manufactured, HELVi range, offers excellent value and quality, as the family run company has 45 years of experience in the welding business.
Combining price and performance, HELVi offers innovative products with the needs of the body shop market and its customers in mind. Their products meet the highest standard of quality and reliability.
They offer quality European manufacturing and a 3-year manufacturer warranty on all of their machines. Like the majority of the HELVi range, their models are controlled by a powerful microprocessor.
The units are suitable for a range of welding forms, including MMA, MIG/MAG manual, synergic or pulsed, DC-TIG, ARC and others. Their range is highly flexible and all models remove the need for multiple machines in any body shop. HELVi products are designed to guarantee excellent welding qualities, reliability and ease-of-use. An easy-to-read overview simplifies the choices between the various types of welding and adjustments of the various welding parameters. A balancing function also enables the ratio between penetration and cleaning of the weld pool to be regulated.
For more information about the HELVi product range on offer contact Celette South Africa on +27 (0)11 334 1875/6 or visit

Plasma PC Automotive
Easy to handle and operate, this system is suitable for cutting thin materials (up to 8mm thickness) at high speed. The front panel is provided with clear and simple graphics for the adjustment of the cutting current and to indicate the intervention of any of the internal safety devices. Extra operator protection is provided by a special start system. It is well suited for auto body repair shops.

TP 195 Welder
This is a microprocessor-controlled welding inverter suitable for DC controlled MIG/MAG, TIG and STICK welding, which guarantees excellent stability of the welding arc and no welding spatters. In STICK mode, the microprocessor controls the hot start, arc force and antisticking functions. In TIG mode, it controls the lift arc function and in MIG mode it allows either manual or fully synergic welding.
There is regulation of the slope-up motor and automatic soft start wire feed controls the arc. Its simplicity and versatility make it perfect for use in body shops, workshops and for all maintenance tasks. All of the functions can be easily selected on the front panel. Digital displays show the welding voltage and current and all the parameters selected. This model is the wheel-based version and is fitted to accept reels with diameter of 300mm and 200mm.