BMW April 2022

ARIA is a new name in the market providing turnkey solutions with their futuristic designs for the automotive refinishing industry. The all new Axalta training centre in Midrand is just a glimpse of what IASF Technologies can achieve. After completing numerous projects in industrial spray painting applications IASF has entered the automotive refinishing industry with their brand ARIA.

This state-of-the-art facility showcases paint spray booths / ovens, preparation stations, mixing rooms and much more equipment which can be controlled and monitored from a single central touchscreen computer.

The central control system ensures efficient performance making sure there is no wastage of valuable resources is caused due to lack of information. Furthermore the system can generate reports of resource time management, fuel and power consumption to enable better planning and increased production.

The featured spray cabins have glass-walls, are waterborne compliant and are quite amazing to use. They achieve ramp-up time to 60°C in under seven minutes ensuring fuel savings up to 30 %. The air flow and pressure inside the cabin is automatically regulated with the aid of twin fans and programmable controllers. The spray booth design and specifications surpasses European standards and can achieve illumination of 1600 LUX inside the cabin aided by power efficient LED lighting.

The centre features double layer filtration for fresh air and extraction using activated carbon filters making the plant compliant to European emission standards. The concept Axalta training centre project started in February this year and completed in July including all the civil engineering.

“It was a huge achievement considering we had such a short time line,” says Akshay Gaikwad, the engineer behind ARIA.

Akshay can be reached on 0813873290 or +27 (0)11 234 0699 to design your next futuristic workshop. More information about all these products is available on