BMW April 2022

Hyundai has launched their new Hyundai Kona locally and we are of the opinion that it could become Hyundai’s top seller. On paper the new funky looking family member comes standard with just about all you could ever want in a family wagon. It’s the perfect all-rounder and looks the part too.  Firstly the eye-catching Crossover comes with a high specification level and a choice of two power options. Sales and Operations Director for Hyundai Automotive Stanley Anderson reckons: “We are launching the Kona with a two-litre naturally aspirated engine and the punchy new one-litre three-cylinder turbo engine is frugal, yet powerful enough to make any drive in the Kona an exciting experience.

“The whole package is exciting and modern and represents our brand with pride,” continued Anderson. The Kona has been designed to raise pulses and be a head turner which can be seen in the marque’s new design language with sleek LED daytime running lights and funky colour-coded trimming around car seats and air vents bring out the youthfulness of Kona.

The intended market that Hyundai wish to attract is the younger established family, and also the empty nesters that would like to get out and about in comfort and style to hit the open road.

This Kona is definitely made for the open road; has ample boot space that can be expanded for extra cargo carrying and is perfect for weekend escapes and longer trips. The Kona, with it’s cool, confident and expressive nature also will return around in 6,8 litres/100km in the 1.0 TGDI engine and 7,2 litres/100km in the 2.0 litre Kona.

Stanley Anderson and his team personally tested for fuel consumption and were suitably impressed. The new Kona comes with a host of convenience features including air conditioning rear passenger armrest and cup holders, and even a 7-inch infotainment that links to CarPlay on Apple Iphones – or Android Auto for Android cell phone users. That enables, among others, the display of the music and navigation applications on the centrally mounted Touch Screen. With a host of remote control buttons on the steering wheel helping you to navigate – including tyre pressure monitor readings, average fuel consumption figures – the Kona seems to be filled to the brim with standard features.

The Kona also is arguably one of the safest cars in its segment with its five star safety rating from Euro Ncap. Those safety features include ABS, ESP and downhill brake control, blind spot detection warning and even rear cross traffic collision warnings.

This, together with comprehensive passive safety features such as side impact airbags curtain protection; the vehicle is really a full house offering. Not to mention the fact that Hyundai is the only car manufacturer to make it’s own steel for the global production of it’s vehicles – with benefits for the new Kona, which feature a strong, light body with 51% ultra-high-strength steel that enhances the dynamic performance and increases passive passenger safety.

An optimised joint structure enhances side- and roof rigidity while the underbody has been designed to optimally absorb and displace crash energy around the rigid cell.

What could you expect to pay for all of this I hear you say? Well for the Kona one litre – which is impressively quick and by far the more fun to drive – the ticket price is R379 900, and for the two litre an impressive R399 900. Considering you still get the seven year/200 000 km manufacturer’s warranty (comprising five-years/150 000 km warranty with a two-year/50 000 km drivetrain warranty); a five-year/90 000 km service plan, and five-years/150 000 km roadside assistance deal.


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