BMW April 2022

Hyundai Automotive South Africa is continuing its success in the segment for mid-sized hatchbacks by introducing a refreshed i20 line-up with a more modern design, and the addition of a 1.4 Active flagship derivative. “The i20 is one our important models and has been one of our top-selling cars for almost a decade,” says Stanley Anderson, sales and operations director of Hyundai Automotive South Africa.

The elegant sytling of the i20 has been refreshed in several ways. The front of the i20 Motion and Fluid derivatives now features the cascading grille, the family identity uniting all Hyundai models. In addition to its modern and fresh design, the new i20 also boasts a spacious and comfortable interior.

In order to make the i20 more appealing and give it more character, the front now features redesigned front bumpers, including the cascading grille on the Motion and Fluid derivatives. The rear of the i20 Motion, Fluid and Active also has updated bumpers and rear combination lamps, creating a more dynamic look. The tailgate has been reworked to integrate the license plate. The new i20 has a bolder appearance with attractive new alloy 16 inch wheels. The Active also has a different grille and fog lights. It boasts a higher ground clearance and roof rails make the fitment of activity gear easy.

The infotainment system is in the middle console that integrates seamlessly via Bluetooth with the driver’s phone and is a standard feature across the range. It has a USB charger so passengers can recharge their mobile devices as well. The functions of the infotainment system cans also be expanded to include satellite navigation.

Across the range the i20 is equipped with remote controls on the steering for the sound system’s audio control, Bluetooth telephone connection and the on-board computer, which shows average fuel consumption and speed, distance to empty for fuel tank, immediate fuel consumption and two trip meters.

The refreshed i20 range offers a choice of two petrol multi-point fuel-injection powertrains. The 1.2 derivatives come with a five-speed manual gearbox, while the 1.4’s are coupled with a six-speed manual transmission. The automatic transmission for the i20 has four forward ratios. Fuel economy was measured at 5.9 litres/100km for the i20 1.2 manual, 7.5 litres/100km for the i20 1.4 automatic and 6.5 and 6,7 litre/100km respectively for the 1.4 Fluid manual and 1.4 Active manual.

Passive safety gets taken care of by the drivers and passengers’ airbag in all derivatives and four three-point safety belts, two front and two at the rear. A lap belt is provided for a third, middle occupant in the rear bench.

The new i20 has a bolder appearance with attractive new alloy 16-inch wheels. Customers can also choose from six distinctive colours for the exterior – Fiery Red, Marina Blue and Sleek Silver, as well as Passion Orange, Star Dust and Polar White.

Prices start at R229 900.00plus VAT.