BMW April 2022

Moving to keep pace with company expansion plans, Hurricane Equipment have opened a huge all-new trade training centre in Centurion, Midrand. The centre features a fully working seven-metre spraybooth with the latest specifications.

The group have posted phenomenal growth in many ranges that body shops need to keep pace with. The new modern trade centre has a dual purpose –  a permanent display area which is fully operational with the whole range of Hurricane Equipment repair products like Autorobot and there is Calipre Electron 3D Measuring package from Finland as well as  the W2000 chassis bench on display which the company have placed over 1000 units nationally in collision repair centres.

Andrew Mackie and his brother Duncan, company founder, spent many years in the panelbeating trade working in Pietersburg, so they have a very good understanding of exactly what body shops need in everyday use. “Price and performance lie at the heart of most purchases,” say Hurricane. “With lean profit margins shops need a good value proposition on every deal today.”

The Hurricane Equipment’s unique range of products covers the entire product range that a body shop upgrade or a new start-up operation will ever need. “We have a complete line-up of compressor piston type and hydrovalves, air compressors with accompanying air driers for moisture elimination as well,” says Andrew.

Uniram Cascade, from Canada, waterborne refinish spray gun cleaning machines are state-of-the-art cleaners. A full range is also available in small area dent removal. Brands like Fy-Tech and a host of other new machines, Wiëlander and Schill spot welders and Mig Brazing systems are also on offer at the new warehouse.

With the new inverter spot GT high power units working, the opportunity to test wet and dry vacuum cleaners and mobile dust extraction machines has also been extended for prospective body shop visitors. The list of small bonnet stands, ramps, body panel hydraulic repair pumps and small tools is where Hurricane Equipment import a huge offer of everyday workshop tools. Fast curing, infra-red, shortwave lamp banks are also on show as well as heavy duty repair systems such as Shark HD complete the line-up at the trade centre.

“The new operation, based in Boundary road, Mnandi, in Centurion, is the result of endless travelling abroad to find products that work well in body repair. They have to hold up under everyday use and must be able to be purchased at the right investment cost to keep a body shop viable and well geared for the future of this business,” concluded Andrew.