Expanding the Hurricane Equipment story of success, the company have opened a one-stop-shop called Hurricane Diesel for all diesel injections and turbo needs.

In a special dedicated warehouse built at Mnandi headquarters, Hurricane Diesel have begun to operate very specialised diesel injector and common rail test benches which are for sale to all mechanical repair centres across South Africa.

“The main thrust,” says  Wikus Wasserman, “will be to gain sales of the Denso, Bosch, Caterpillar, Delphi and Siemens ranges that we are offering our aftermarket range of fuel injectors and turbo replacement ranges for.

Wikus has over a decade of diesel repair and maintenance under his belt and the company will be able to offer expert advice and service on a multitude of diesel injector products now in stock. This plus the full range of large and small stand-alone repair stations.

“We have small repair systems available right up to the very largest test benches. Our tools will enable specialists to get the latest computerised test benches that have built-in parameter details for across the board brands in current truck, car and bakkies in everyday use,” he said.

The main demand as they see it at Hurricane Diesel, will be the spares kits for diesel injectors and nozzle replacement parts. They have kits along with completely new replacement turbo spares in stock  with great stock availability to hand as well.

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