Hi-Glo Automotive Paints work out of Umbilo Road in Durban and are the home of a booming family-managed concern. Jayce, Pearl and their son Ashley are always at the helm of the company which comes from humble beginnings.

The company have been a major distributor for the Kapci Coatings range of refinish for many years. Pearl said they tend to keep both top range colour matching systems as well as the everyday range that is largely consumed by the smaller body shop repair companies.

Hi-Glo Automotive Paints have also attended training courses at Kapci’s Egyptian headquarters in Port Said. “Right now we’re finding that both our industrial operators as well as the car repair side want fast and accurate colour matching. This is where we rely on the Kapci professional colour retrieval package. Often the colours are perfect right off the mixing machine.”

The company operate mostly on a cash sale basis and they are able to rack-up continued growth. Jayce was away fitting out a new store in Ixopo which is in the Midlands, outside Pietermartizburg when Automotive Refinisher magazine covered the story. They have done their own research into that area’s needs and the refinish business looks promising for them in that underdeveloped repair area.

“To be successful,” says Pearl, “you have to keep your outgoing paint supply at high quality levels, but also maintain value prices on the fast moving items.”

Hi-Glo Automotive Paints have also pioneered a very strong customer base in their industrial market. Their customers are very loyal and that is the story of Hi-Glo Automotive Paint’s success. “We are able to keep repeat business at high levels with our regular band of happy customers,” Pearl concluded.


You can call Hi-Glo Automotive Paints for paint and tool needs on +27 (0)31 201 5680.