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H&H Chemicals have added yet another excellent product to their range with the recent addition of Chicopee tack cloths. Now you’re able to get Starcke abrasives, Scholl polish and Chicopee tack cloths with one call.

For more than a century, the name Chicopee has been synonymous with unrivalled expertise in wiping applications and pioneering technologies. They offer a complete range of wiping solutions and the first to be introduced locally is the yellow tack cloth. “Very fine dust on the body can go unnoticed and lead to much higher rework costs and that’s what every body shop needs to avoid,” said Shawn Heath of H&H Chemicals. “We are very happy with this new addition as it fits in well with our other high quality products. It’s this great quality that we take seriously as a company to ensure that things are done correctly the first time round – saving you time and money.”

Recognition at Automechanika SA

Shawn was proud to win a bronze award on behalf of H&H Chemicals at Automechanika SA recently. “We’ve been exceptionally busy this year with expos and just getting our brand names out there. It was lovely to receive recognition for all of the long hours and hard work that we’ve put into each of these events,” he said. “On the whole we’ve been very happy with the inroads we’ve made this year. Can’t wait to see what next year holds.”

You can call H&H Chemicals on +27 (0)41 368 9145.