BMW April 2022

Carbon Neutral Repair (CNR) is the UK’s first carbon neutral programme dedicated to fixing the environment while repairing cars, and at the same time planting trees in UK schools and raising money for charity. 

The brainchild of managing director Dom Napier, CNR has been set up to deliver “measurable fiscal benefits” to body shops rather than being just another cost item in what is often a low-margin business. “Everyone is aware of the climate change crisis, but few know how they contribute to the problem and even fewer are consciously addressing their impact,” said Napier. “We assist forward-thinking accident repair centres in becoming carbon neutral and in turn increasing revenues, reducing costs, engaging stakeholders and mitigating risk.” 

CNR begins by calculating the carbon footprint of a body shop (at a forecast cost of £3.95 plus VAT per carbon neutral repair.   identifying short, medium and long-term opportunities to reduce carbon. CNR then offsets the remaiing carbon through one of its programmes, certifies the business as carbon neutral accredited to BSI PAS 2060, and for every tonne of carbon it offsets CNR will plant a tree in a UK school. Furthermore, £1 will be donated to an automotive industry charity for each carbon neutral repair. 

“We have already begun signing up repair centres to the programme and we are in discussions with insurers, work providers, fleets and customers,” said Napier.