BMW April 2022


Surviving for over a decade in this cut and thrust business of body shop refinish supply, is something that Brian Macpherson knows plenty about as he has pioneered the DeBeer brand for many years. His secret to success for the past 29 years in the industry is a simple philosophy of hard work and honesty.

Brian’s formative years were spent working on technical sales for the growing Chemspec company, but he always had a dream to open up his own business in the automotive paint supply business. “Once I got in contact with the right people we were able to steadily achieve that dream, and right now we have grown out of all proportion to become very successful. At Nancefield we have a very dedicated and knowledgeable team and this has helped to retain a band of loyal customers from both the trade and public sector of DIY car repairers” he said.

“We have moved with market trends and follow a principle of supplying what the customer wants from entry level cost and value products right up to approved brands like the DeBeer range where their cost and value, in my opinion, is the best out there. Colours on the machine are always an amazingly accurate colour match to the original, so clients order trustworthy products in the repair cycle every time. We have been a DeBeer supplier since 2011 and are still extremely happy to have this brand as part of our line-up.

“Ever since I started distributing DeBeer business has increased rapidly. I have an excellent sales and technical team that know this product inside out and had first-hand experience working with the product when I got the distributorship. A definite plus for me.”

There are currently two branches in the operation. East Lynne is the main distribution branch which has 13 team members. The smaller branch in Pretoria West has seven people manning the help. Three delivery vehicles cover North Hammanskraal, East Bronkhorstspruit, South Midrand up to New Road and West Sutherland Ridge.

“The market out there is tough and not easy to grow as body shop owners are loyal and sceptical to change brands due to contracts signed. This makes it difficult for them to look at other competition brands in the market such as DeBeer,” says MacPherson. “But that is changing slowly. We are a hard working committed team that is dedicated to giving the best service possible with the best quality products to our clients at competitive prices. We believe in our products we sell and that is infectious.”

The sales and technical team do on-site system and product training with every installation for as long as it takes, which is normally between three days to a week as it is a very user-friendly system to learn and work with. DeBeers MS1-204, DeBeer Hardeners 47-35 and DeBeer Universal thinners 1-151 are amongst the top sellers in the range and the Spralac range is very popular on clearcoat, hardeners and thinners.

“We offer back-up service for all products we distribute and can get the involved suppliers to assist with training at the body shops. Our DeBeer training centre should be fully operational during early 2019 so more intense off-site training can take place,” concluded MacPherson.