Spies Hecker

We’re excited to introduce a revolutionary new tool for the collision repair industry. GUNIWHEEL™ is the world’s first universal vehicle mounting system in a tyre and wheel-like design. With GUNIWHEEL™, you can safely mount and move any vehicle that has damaged or missing wheels and tires.  It is a handy tool for auto collision repair shops to keep vehicles in a mobile state throughout the repair process.  If you frequently have vehicles with wheels and tires out for repair, flat, or are otherwise missing, GUNIWHEEL™ can be quickly mounted on almost any passenger vehicle to move it off lifts and out of repair bays within your body shop. Additionally, eliminate possible damage caused by unstable or poorly positioned jack stands as the car stands with no wheels.

GUNIWHEEL™ is a simple solution with no moving parts. It is a solid steel wheel with an airless polyurethane rubber exterior. Its *patented universal fitting lug-pattern system easily mounts on all current passenger vehicles thereby eliminating the need to store multiple spare tire lug configurations in your shop.  GUNIWHEEL™ comes in two models. The GUNIWHEEL™ 45 fits most standard size vehicles with 4 & 5 lug patterns. The GUNIWHEEL™ 56 fits most trucks and larger SUVs with 5 & 6 lug pattern configurations. Both models weigh 15.4kg and sized at 24.5” D x 3” W, have a recommended maximum load of 585kg each, can be installed on all 4 wheel hub locations, and may be moved at a maximum of 8km/h.

GUNIWHEEL™ is ideal for cars or long-term standing vehicles as you will no longer have any flat tyres around. You simply need to align the GUNIWHEEL™ with the lug pattern of the vehicle, place it flush and tighten the lug nuts or bolts.  Using this system eliminates any paint overspray on wheels tyres during the painting process and can be used in towing vehicles with missing/stolen wheels or tyres after a collision.

2019 Best New Collision Product runner-up at SEMA, GUNIWHEEL™ keeps your vehicles mobile, increasing service and repair ratios by allowing full mobility during the repair phase. This will increase your body shop efficiency.

For more information on this innovative new system, contact GUNIWHEEL™ directly at info@GUNIWHEEL.co.za.