BMW April 2022

Rory Brough, who heads up sales and service for Trendline Automotive Suppliers, started out with this new refinish supply company just two years ago. He decided to capitalise on a 28-year career in technical service and spray application knowledge of common trade issue. Last year Trendline took on a full Axalta supply contract and the business has been booming ever since.

It’s quite common practice in this day and age for some major suppliers to simply lose the plot on delivering both quality care and service and the promised saving that body shops need.

“In my opinion, unless you police a repairer’s body shop production, all too often everything gets done over and over again. This sees the paint bill escalate skywards. Much of our success on, say, the Spies Hecker waterborne range, has come from intensive in-house technical training. On colour we operate a full three days with the spray painter to show how to get the best and fastest colour match in his own operating environment,” says Rory.

The new Digital Spectro is an amazing piece of technology offering a greater level of efficiency than ever before. With its multi-angle colour analysis and management this is a tailor-made solution offering a best-in-class accuracy every time. With up to 10 variable colour shades on offer each time it scans.

Developing trust with a high output shop often takes some time but many owners need to concentrate their processes in both finishing and body preparation by staying with a systematic approach.

“Rory also has an extensive knowledge of vehicle routing and spray shop equipment to get work out in the fastest way possible,” says George Rex, his business partner. “Much of the savings a body shop can make are in the area of consumable products such as coating costs. That’s what we concentrate on by offering a state-of-the-art back-up on our full Axalta range of refinish paints.”

All in all, they are involved in a type of crusade to lower body shops’ paint utilisation and speed-up throughput for more efficiency in everyday production. For assistance call Rory Brough on +27 (0)83 702 1745.