BMW April 2022

Greenstone Auto Body started in 2009 and have been providing excellent service and workmanship from the very first day. “It’s very important that our company represent the new age in vehicle repairs, client experience and cohesive relationships with brokers and the insurance industry,” explained Barry Henning, company owner.

Their team of 30 qualified and proficient staff members receive regular in-house training ensuring that they are at the cutting edge of understanding technology and how to use it in the business to work more efficiently at all times.

Over the years Greenstone Auto Body have attained 11 factory repairer approvals and in doing so introduced the Glasurit 90-Line water-based coatings system. “Getting colour right the first time is absolutely critical in any body shop today,” said Barry. “That is why we have added the Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 spectrophotometer which has assisted in optimising colour digitally.”

The latest generation – Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 – scans the paint surface even more finely and offers technical innovations and intelligent links to ensure an even quicker and more convenient work flow. With the device’s built-in digital camera, the user can scan the area surrounding the repair site in real-time for a scratch-free area for measurement and depict it on the colour touch display. With two types of light – one blue and one white LED – a total of 12 angles of incidence of light are measured on the paint surface and documented in six photos. In so doing, the device can precisely analyse the colour and texture of the colour and effect pigments and can reliably determine even challenging colours.

The spectrophotometers are connected with Glasurit’s Profit Manager Pro colour and materials management system. The results can be transmitted wirelessly to the computer in the mixing room via the certified Wi-Fi interface and compared to the Colour Online database.

In addition to the review of millions of measurement values within the colour database, a BASF-patented search and correction algorithm ensures that the Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 measurement results are converted into perfect refinish solutions. Not only are the best matches displayed; the algorithms also provide suggestions for correction that can make the results even better. Colour visualisations and spectral curves show how well the suggested solutions match the measured colours. The relevant formulation can be mixed directly as needed.

Glasurit offers its customers the RATIO Scan 12/6 spectrophotometer, a modern system for all-around digital colour matching in their everyday body shop routine.