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GOOP serves a multitude of industries and has a very strong global presence. It can be found in the automotive markets and it has a reputation for being able to ‘remove almost anything, from almost everything’– your hands, your clothes, just about everything else! The original GOOP crème is a “waterless” hand cleaner that quickly and safely removes grease, paint, ink, tar, industrial soils and much more from your hands.

GOOP Hand Cleaner only uses the highest quality, premium ingredients, making it safe. It is non-toxic and bio-degradable, and is specially formulated with moisturisers and natural humectants to not only leave your hands clean but silky smooth. Original GOOP, with or without pumice, is available in a range of sizes for a variety of applications.

SIB also offers a range of economical and durable dispensers. For more information contact SIB: sales@sib.co.za or +27 (0)10 593 8926 or visit www.sib.co.za