BMW April 2022

Glasurit is globally represented as a product synonymous to excellence and quality. This commitment is maintained through continuous improvement, not only in the product, but the techniques required for the application thereof.

As a result, BASF Coatings Services South Africa launched The Refinish Competence Centre (RCC), located centrally in Johannesburg, in November 2014. As one of the leading training facilities of its kind in the country, The RCC is equipped with globally experienced trainers and state-of-the-art technology; setting an example in South Africa of what a modern refinish training centre should be.

This training facility – which comprises two industry standard spray booths, preparation bays, polish areas as well as three modern meeting rooms, can hold a significant number of business partners who can be trained individually or simultaneously on different aspects of the refinish environment. The training offerings and seminars are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each customer group to ensure that products are optimally used, and the desired training outcome is accomplished.

With the support of the RCC, BASF Coatings Services South Africa and NF Apprentices, launched a skills development initiative dedicated to attracting more youth in South Africa towards the spray-painting industry. The objective of this partnership was to equip the apprentices with theoretical aspects of the coatings and refinish trade, with a focus on practical exercises. With the upcoming graduation for our first group of apprentices, the RCC has always been a supportive guide to these young individuals’ educational journey.

The RCC has also created an environment of inclusivity and consistent development for the customer. Industry stakeholders, including staff and customers of body shops, OEMs and suppliers, are catered for in both the theoretical and practical training presented at the RCC. In doing so, this creates a culture where Glasurit products and systems are understood to improve and optimise the refinish process for a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable business. 

The RCC aligns with Glasurit’s sustainability strategy, which combines economic success with social and ecological responsibility. The RCC drives this strategy by ensuring body shops continuously consider people and the environment in all its activities. The training provided by the RCC on how to be more efficient and ecologically responsible is an important factor in achieving this desired sustainable outcome. Body shops that use less material, use less energy, meaning they protect the environment and save energy costs at the same time. 

Refinish Competence Centres – no matter the region, offers a global network of knowledge to learn, train and perfect the skills required for the refinish industry. The training provided by the RCC should always be considered and attended frequently in order to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and information within the Refinish industry to continuously stay ahead of competitors.  

For bookings on training courses and seminars, refer to the training pages in the back of this magazine or contact Glasurit directly on 0800 265 687.