Spies Hecker

With the increasing numbers of small damages and drivable claims in South Africa, the cosmetic repairs sector is expanding and presents itself as a growth opportunity for premium shops all across the country. In order to seize this opportunity, the body shops need a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution – which Glasurit offers through its unparalleled RATIO Spot Repair system. 

Based on the three pillars of success – namely product, process and training – the Glasurit RATIO Spot Repair system offers an exceptionally high-quality product, an optimised process and professional trainings.  

The highlight of the RATIO Spot Repair system is the Glasurit Spot Blender. With this patented blender – that was developed particularly for small damages – the transition zones can be made extremely soft. The repaired spot therefore blends in perfectly directly after applying the paint. This leads to minimised polishing efforts in the body shop – and a satisfied customer, who can pick up his perfectly repaired car within a few hours after handing it over to the shop.  

Not only are the quality of the product and the end result of the repair outstanding, but through a steady development of an optimised process the technicians at BASF facilitate a speedy repair. After some professional training – which is the third component of the RATIO Spot Repair system – educated painters can repair scratches and dents in under one hour. 

The addition of the UV curing products – that also merge seamlessly into the RATIO Spot Repair process – can further speed up any kind of repair job, including small damages. Or to quote Marius Nel, regional technical manager for BASF Coatings South Africa, “With the Glasurit product range and technical expertise, we can support the shops in speeding up their processes in all steps of the repair.” 

Spray painters and shop owners wishing to learn more about the RATIO Spot Repair system, the range of revolutionary UV curing products or the potential in process optimisation through a specialised training can approach their nearest Glasurit distributor or call the technical hotline 0800 265 687. The BASF technical experts have got it covered.