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Glasurit was one of the pioneers to launch a water-borne basecoat system back in 1992 and this year marks the 25th anniversary of the water-borne 90 Line refinish paint series. The product line was brought into South Africa by BASF Coatings Services in 2006, a distributor of the premium paint brand in Southern Africa.

“Glasurit paint systems have been on the market for well over 100 years. Innovative research and a long standing commitment to delivering high quality products has resulted in the success of our brand,” notes Paul Mandersloot, managing director for BASF Coatings Services. “We have experienced resounding success with 90 Line for over a decade since the product was launched in SA. We are proud of reaching this milestone with our water-borne system; a testament of the consistent quality we bring to the market.”

With its unrivalled cost-saving features on ready-for-use paint, Glasurit 90 Line produces perfect refinishing results. The foundation of 90 Line lies in its colour competence which produces outstanding hiding power. Coupled with its easy application and optimal process times, the water-borne system is a must-have in any body shop. Optimal colour accuracy is easily achieved through the Color Profile System which contains thousands of colour chips coated with original paint.

Research and development has been the cornerstone to the longevity of the Glasurit brand. To further complement the 90 Line series, Glasurit launched Color Advance boosters just over a year ago, to further enhance the hiding power whilst significantly reducing base material consumption by up to 50% and reduced booth cycle time due to shorter process times and quicker drying.

“The Color Advance water boosters result in faster flash-off, shorter spray times and reduced material consumption because of the higher pigment content which all contributes to greater productivity and profitability for the body shop,” explains Marius Nel, national technical manager for BASF Coatings Services. “When added to the Glasurit 90 Line toners they enable a more even application and harder curing.”

Through its renowned Glasurit paint brand, BASF creates partnerships with its customers. This is achieved by supporting body shops through Glasurit’s ABS (Advanced Bodyshop Solutions) in making their processes more efficient thereby saving material and costs.

Sustainability is also entrenched in the business’ core values to ensure longevity in BASF and its partners’ business success. “As body shops use less material and energy, thanks to our products, they save money and in turn also contribute to having a lesser carbon footprint on the environment,” adds Mandersloot.

Glasurit 90 Line water-borne system is fast becoming the leader in coatings of choice from OEMs. 90 Line has been formulated to be a high performing all round product; a coating that has excellent hiding power, fast drying and saves the body shop time and materials, not forgetting its environmental compatibility. The question you should be asking yourself is: “When are you switching to Glasurit 90 Line?”