BMW April 2022

NF Apprentices (NF) has been serving the motor industry since 2012 in the skills development area. With the help of Auto Body Specialists and other partner shops, NF Apprentices has been able to train 85 apprentices to date, 33 have qualified as artisans in Spray Painting and Panelbeating and 34 are still on the training programme.  

Their services include providing end to end support to body shop owners such as recruitment and placement, registration with Merseta, booking of trade tests and facilitation of quarterly workshops that empower the apprentices holistically. The four workshops focus on industry orientation, financial wellness, personal branding and entrepreneurial guidance. Moreover, the Spray Painters receive, once a quarter, technical training at BASF over a five-day period. This training helps to fill gaps that may not have been addressed at their shops. 

The aim of the programme is to develop technically competent and well-rounded apprentices.  

Get involved 

  1. Sponsor individual apprentices recruited and placed by NF Apprentices at one of our qualified partner repair shops. This is a great investment that will ensure a young person is given an opportunity at a brighter future.
  2. Sponsor an activity recruitment programme. NF embarks on a rigorous recruitment campaign to recruit apprentices which involves engaging with communities, facilitating repair shop site visits and candidate assessments. NF offers apprentices a vibrant network for them to engage with each other collectively through industry excursions and development workshops  NF hosts regular mentor workshops facilitated by Young and Able (Y&B). These workshops are aimed at building bridges between mentors and apprentices to allow for the conducive transfer of skills in the workplace.
  3. Become an NF Partner Shop. Repair Shops are invited to sign up with NF Apprentices. In order to qualify as an NF Partner Shop, a shop needs to be merSETA Workplace Approved and have at least one qualified Spray Painter and Auto Body Repairer. Partner Shops will be required to contribute towards the apprentice’s training needs as per merSETA requirements.

NF also work closely with mentors, workshop managers and support staff to ensure the proper facilitation of the apprenticeship programme.  

Visit or call Michael Mogashoa on +27 (0)11 805 3867.