BMW April 2022

The Geneva International Motor Show, has in its 88 years, become quite the trend setter in concept vehicles and a playground to the craziest looking vehicles as well as some of the latest technology on show. This year was no exception as there were some mouth-watering cars to be seen. The amazing colours on display were just the cherry on the top and they made for stunning frozen slices of time. Here are a few highlights of what was on display.

Nissan IMx KURO concept vehicle exterior

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes on its recent re-resurrection, the Aston Martin Lagonda now boasts itself as a zero emissions luxury brand. We also now live in a world where a 6 cylinder Bentley hybrid exists – who would have thought?

Like the original Range Rover, the SV coupé will be a two door, but only a limited amount of models will be made. Still, if you have a spare R4 200 000 hanging around, this supercharged petrol V8 is guaranteed put a smile on your dial. Just not sure you will ever see it offroad. The BMW 8-Series isn’t even in production yet and there are already niche variants – we seem to have lost all logic. Essentially it is a replacement for the M6 Gran Coupé and is a sign of things to come from this OEM.