Spies Hecker

Innovation is often associated with the word breakthrough, but the two are not synonymous. Most innovations come from adaptation, jumping one to two steps forward, not quantum leaps ahead. In the collision repair industry, which is often classified as a low volume, high variable business where no two repairs are the same, agility is just as important as innovation.
Due to high rates of unpredictability in the repair business, agility can act as an in-the-moment replacement for long lead innovation. The ability to move quickly, making small improvements and enhancements in real time, can be the difference between one or two extra cars moving through the body shop in a day.
Ever-changing surroundings and circumstances in the shop challenge collision centre owners and supply partners to think more holistically about day-to-day operations. These vulnerabilities motivate the partnership to seek innovative and agile solutions beyond products, processes and equipment, and promote more sustainable relationships in business.
Coating partners
When considering coatings suppliers, look for a partner that can deliver integrated business solutions, high-performance coatings, advanced technology and steadfast values.
Integrated business solutions
Achieving future goals start by assessing the current state of business. By integrating in-person and digital business management tools, collision repair shops can use real-time data to ensure staff works on the right vehicle at a rate that provides a good return on investment. This innovative combination of support is designed to build strength and stability at the core of any shop’s business.
High-Performance coatings
Collision repairers can choose from a wide variety of automotive coatings for their refinishing needs, but not all paint systems are engineered for longevity, reliability and ease of application, such as the recently-launched Sherwin-Williams Ultra 9K™ system. Choose a coatings supplier with a rich heritage in automotive finishes that formulates products based on industry needs, influenced by everchanging global, industrial and consumer trends.
Advanced technology
From colour accuracy to digital tool implementation, a qualified coatings supplier should offer innovative, state-of-the-art technology and training programmes. Colour retrieval systems ensure accurate and repeatable colour, and virtual and face-to-face training courses can empower shop workers to enhance their skills and knowledge of these advanced systems and tools.
Steadfast values
A customer-centric organisation which values people, process, performance and profitability will produce innovative and agile solutions that drive positive outcomes for all its collision repair value stream partners. Whether the value stream needs integrated business management solutions, high-performance coatings or advanced colour technology, a dedicated coatings supplier can deliver tools and services that will help achieve sustainable growth now and in the future.
Partners not providers
While there are many innovative products, processes and equipment available in the collision repair world today, there are few that simultaneously address the demand for agility and efficiency throughout the entire process.
This is why the industry needs partners, not just providers and suppliers.
Partners will identify ways to optimise time and money; they will provide various systems that enhance profitability; they will address repair process application issues and improve quality control; and they will deliver value far beyond just products.
Innovation is not about making the fastest products; it’s about adapting to the times and understanding what products, processes, equipment and business support are needed to make a business sustainable today and in the future. Look for a partner that brings agile solutions beyond paint products – that’s innovation.