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Repairing over 7000 alloy rims a month is now the norm for Wheel Collision™ Centre through their growing network of specialist alloy wheel repair centres that are all compliant and accredited by the SABS.

The South African Automobile Association estimates that about 60% of South Africa’s roads are potholed or need maintenance. This means that for every 100km we drive, about 60 of those kilometres will be on a road that puts our vehicle’s at risk and as a result, the number of accidents and damaged alloy wheels continues to grow.

We have entered a new era of complexity with alloy wheel repairs. Inspections on damage and repairs must be coupled to a safety critical standard of high quality but also remain competitive and affordable.

Enter Wheel Collision™, a high-tech automotive alloy wheel repair and refurbishment facility, founded in 2006 by Craig Courtney Leaver growing from one branch in Gauteng to now having a national footprint with full refurbishment Centres in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape, and the Wheel Collision™ Express Rim Repair Centres conveniently located at participating Tiger Wheel & Tyre and TYRES & MORE® stores that provide a straightening only service.

When setting up the business Courtney Leaver invested in proprietary machinery that restores alloy wheels to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications using patented wheel straightening machinery and real-time x-ray technology to ensure 100%-wheel integrity.  This system and internal processes include a full audit trail of the work carried out by any Wheel Collision™ Centre.

In the beginning they were repairing 10 alloy wheels a day, but such is the expanded need that they now repair up to 7000 per month. “There has been a staggering increase in volume over the years,” says Courtney Leaver.  Wheel Collision™ is serious about business having already invested around R70 million in facilities, people and technology, with more expansion on the table. TiAuto Investments (Pty) Ltd, the holding company for South Africa’s most loved automotive brands, including Tiger Wheel & Tyre and TYRES & MORE®, acquired a stake in Wheel Collision™ on 1 November 2017. The opening of 30 specialist Wheel Collision™ Express Rim Repair Centres across the nation inside participating Tiger Wheel & Tyre and TYRES & MORE® stores has seen a rapid boost to the daily volume of alloy wheel repairs.  This new innovative service makes it easy and convenient for motorists who have bent alloy wheels to have them repaired “while you wait” (estimated within an hour) without compromising safety.  Wheel Collision™’s service includes collecting and dropping off alloy wheels that need repairing. Our nationwide footprint being the Express Repair Centre’s and full refurbishment Centres in Johannesburg that runs a 24-hour workshop, KwaZulu Natal and Cape Town ensure speedy turnaround times.

What makes Wheel Collision™ unique and reflects their commitment to quality and safety, is that Wheel Collision™ is the ONLY entity in the repair and refurbishment of automotive alloy wheels in South Africa that is recognised and accredited by the SABS as compliant with the Standard (SANS1158 for the repair and refurbishment of alloy wheels) and SABS ISO 9001.

So, what are SABS Standards? While manufacturer standards for accreditation and approval are mandatory for auto body repairers, SABS Standards are designed for voluntary use, however laws and regulations refer to standards and make compliance with them compulsory. The SABS website explains the needs for standards and benefits for the country, suppliers and consumers alike.  For more information about Standards visit the SABS website:

At the head office in Longmeadow Business Park, a quick look at the whole SABS accredited safety and quality control systems for the repairs and refurbishment of alloy wheels is impressive.  Courtney Leaver showed some of the alloy wheels that come in from various other repair centres where they pack body filler on to the inside of the damaged wheel and call it repaired. This unsafe practice is simply not on, especially with safety critical items like an alloy wheel, and possibly an accident in waiting and huge liability for the repairers in the supply chain if it hasn’t already happened.

Bearing in mind consumerism trends and punitive regulatory environment where regulators increasingly use the courts of law and media as a sledge hammer to resolve compliance issues, with penalties reached by negotiation, rather than within the legal framework, autobody repairers, and any intermediary involved with alloy wheel repairs or refurbishment should be focused on ensuring that the solutions proposed to their customers are offering peace of mind for their customers, the businesses and themselves considering risk, safety and value for money. Risk and reputation management are critical considerations for the sustainability of any business.

Consumers should be questioning where their alloy wheels are repaired or refurbished, if there is a full audit trail of the work completed including X-rays as part of the standard offering, given that they are a safety critical item for the safe running of a vehicle, the safety of loved ones and the risk of 3rd party liability.  Safety first should always be the priority.

Wheel Collision™ is at the forefront, protecting and treating their customers fairly but also ensuring that the business maintains standards as set up by the statutory body, the SABS voluntarily, thereby ensuring compliance not only with regulatory requirements but maintaining sound business principles in terms of sustainability and the growth of our economy.

Courtney Leaver says the company’s ethos is about building long-term business partnerships with suppliers, channel partners and customers where interpersonal relationships, reliability, assured quality, risk management and target oriented modern technology are the major building blocks.

It’s critical that when alloy wheels need repairing or refurbishment it is done through SABS accredited facility that complies with the SABS SANS1158 Standard. Ensure you choose your alloy rim repair partner prudently.

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