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PPG understands the importance for body shops to improve their efficiency and have upgraded their DP4000 2K Primer – which now delivers even better performance and ease of use than ever before.

Designed to optimise the priming process, the enhanced formulation utilises the same advanced technology as the earlier version but with the addition of:

*D8715, a new Productive Thinner to fully optimise the dry and topcoat process without compromising the pot life

l*Improved flow characteristics, making the primer easier to apply and creating an even smoother surface than before

*Raised gloss level to allow painters to identify any defects before the final topcoat is applied

Together, these changes offer a revolution in performance and, through increased application efficiency, assist body shops in maximising profitability.

Ultimately, this latest product simplifies the preparation process in even the most challenging body shop environment. DP4000 is the only priming system to remove the need for sanding, both during preparation before undercoating and sanding after undercoating, reducing preparation time by up to 50%.

Additionally, the enhanced OEM approved formula provides a glossy surface when flashed off. This improves wetting of the basecoat over the primer, resulting in an easier application process for the painter and delivering an improved, high gloss appearance.  This glossy appearance highlights any surface defects and allows the painter to rectify issues before the basecoat and topcoat are applied, ensuring that optimum results are achieved first time.

As well as optimising gloss, D8715 Productive Thinner contained within the upgraded DP4000 priming system further speeds up application and recoating times, whilst the improved flow characteristics of the primer means that it is even easier to apply. Together, these features can radically increase spraybooth capability and lead to higher through-put, sales and profitability.

In addition to all its other benefits, DP4000 is a good multi-substrate primer. The new D8740 Plastic Primer Additive has also been developed, using the latest technology, for use with PPG’s DP4000 2K Primer.

DP4000 2K is now even better when used in combination with this new additive, which enables the primer to be applied directly over plastic bumpers.

Simply replacing the thinner in the primer mix, D8740 Plastic Primer Additive has excellent adhesion properties which means there is no longer any need for a separate Plastics Adhesion Promoter. Removing this application, flash off and the cleaning required of this extra layer reduces the time it takes to process plastic by 40% (around 30 minutes), while considerably reducing material consumption.

DP4000 2K in combination with the new D8740 Additive is an extremely versatile and user friendly primer that can now be used directly over different types of plastic in collision repair, allowing you to be quick and confident in your work.