Why Fume Extraction is so Vital


Working in an auto body shop can be quite dangerous and can have a negative effect on your staff’s overall health and wellness. However, if run and managed properly, you can look after your staff’s health by doing a few simple things that make a big difference. One of the most effective and important ways to protect your staff is to invest in fume extraction. Here are some reasons why:

Risk of Explosions
A lot happens in an auto body shop. Working with so many different elements means that anything can happen, at any moment, if these elements come in contact with one another, or worse, with ignition sources. Aluminium, for one, when sanded, enters and hangs in the air in the workshop as dust for a long time. And once this aluminium dust comes in contact with an ignition source like a welding or static spark, it could have detrimental consequences.

Long-term Health Effects
Welding steel and aluminium give off extremely harmful fumes that can cause welding fever. Welding fever can lead to your workers feeling lethargic and with flu-like symptoms. However, being exposed to welding fumes can cause serious long-term damage to the lungs and kidneys and can lead to some cancers. It can even lead to serious nervous system damage.

Most auto body shops work with carbon fibre as this composite is used in many vehicles. Inhaling carbon fibres is extremely dangerous and can become embedded in a person’s lungs and lead to black lung disease. It can also irritate the eyes, throat and skin. Floating fibres can cause short-circuits with electrical equipment, which is another hazard on its own.

Clean Air and Working Environment
Unfortunately, almost all of the materials used in an auto body shop are damaging to the air and environment we work in. Using an extraction system takes the pollution and harmful gases out of the air, and replaces it with clean, breathable air in the workshop. This should be a top priority as a business.

Overall health and Safety Risk
There are so many harmful chemicals and compositions used in an auto body shop that you cannot afford not to have a fume extraction system installed. Staff can end up with an array of health problems, including dermatitis, headaches, nausea, welding fever, lung cancer, damage to the reproductive and nervous systems, kidneys and liver.

Investing in a fume extraction system is an important part of running a successful business, as well as keeping your workplace safe and your workers healthy.