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Commercial vehicle repairers are under tremendous pressure to cut costs and save time in their everyday routines. Glasurit, BASF’s premium paint brand, supports professional automotive refinishing by continuously developing new products that accelerate processes, can be used flexibly and are harmonised with body shop workflows.

Glasurit now offers an option that makes working efficiently even easier; 283-1870 CV Multi Wash. The flash-off time for the primer filler is a mere 30 minutes at room temperature, which allows commercial vehicle repairers to use the space freed up in the drying booth for other jobs and permits shop workflows to be designed more efficiently.

Thanks to its diverse range of applications, Glasurit 283-1870 CV Multi Wash is suitable for both cosmetic repair and complete paint jobs. Depending on the job, the spray painter can use the primer filler in a two-stage system or use it as the basis for high-end results in a three-stage system. It offers reliable corrosion protection for different substrates, including aluminium, steel and galvanised add-on parts.

Thus, through Glasurit 283-1870 CV Multi Wash’s great application flexibility, commercial vehicle repairers can optimise their work processes, boost efficiency and achieve perfect refinishing results.