BMW April 2022

Our slogan is “We Connect” and it is our passion to connect business and clients. At the Panel beater Directory online services, we are enthusiastic to “let your phone ring”, your “e-mail ping” and vehicles in need of service and repairs, “line up” outside your workshop.  We trust this information will assist business management to consider two things, how effective is my current online marketing strategy and can membership of the Panel beater Directory as a virtual shopfront, advance our quest to grow and succeed?

As an average cost of R21 000 is the overall number fielded by industry, to repair an accident damaged vehicle in South Africa.  This calculation is based on the 11 million registered vehicle base and 832 000 reported accidents during 2016, according to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC). Despite two years of lockdown challenges, these annual figures are increasing as more vehicles are being sold monthly, and the total vehicle park, gets older, unrestricted. 

If one then considers the fact that more than 70% of vehicles are not insured, the conservative estimate is that more than 520 000 vehicle owners must find a service provider themselves annually. This is a vast number of opportunities. Is your business getting the maximum exposure to attract new customers?

The  “Move to Mobility, “ summarises the exponential growth in online research- and communication capabilities of the general population, as everyone migrates to smartphone and in-car technologies. One must also factor in the Right-to-Repair (R2R) campaign, supported by the Competition Commission. From 1 July 2021, South African motorists are now empowered to have their vehicles serviced, maintained, and repaired at a workshop of their choice.

Your business’ online profile is your virtual shopfront. 

The internet is the most efficient way to acquire new customers. Management must ensure that accurate and reliable information is available online if your business is to survive and thrive. Support staff at insurance companies, assessors, OEM research teams and the thousands of accident-confronted vehicle owners “Google” and search for online solutions. 

Do you make the prospects shortlist? 

Our experience is that much more than a contact number is required to make it to a prospect’s shortlist.

Factors include: 

Secure and trusted website browsing

Relevant and up to date Information 

OEM approval to repair a customer’s vehicle brand

 Insurance panel accreditations 

Customer reviews 

Overall images of storefront and workshop.

Business hours 

Background information on history and ownership 

B-BEEE level 

Management detail seamless contact and share capabilities via all major social media channels effective navigation tools (google maps)

Finance options for the uninsured, very important factor in our turbulent times.

The Panel beater Directory is the independent and industry specific online source, trusted since 2013. Our 28 million page views/visitors to date, are proof that all the above criteria and much more are met daily. 

Publication of the Lightstone KAI results to assist public and industry professionals 

Our own directory client reviews 

Fender Bender Finance solutions for uninsured or unaffordable excess

Owners Portal access where business management control their online information, instantly updated 24/7.

How to apply for membership:

Please visit our website Register for full details and instant online registration.