BMW April 2022

As  part of planned changes to align services, capacity and technology, it has been announced that Ford, Vizion and White Room Consortium (WRC) have begun working with the Ford Accident Repair network, along with AutoFlow as part of a transformation and expansion project.

This initiative will move at a pace and see the Ford Accident Repair Centre network become a Ford Certified Collision Network, aligning it to Ford’s global approach. There will be an increase in Ford resources to ensure all its sites get the management, information and support they need, which will create opportunities to existing Ford repair centres and new entrants from the industry.  Integration with Ford vehicles via Connected-Car technologies and the Ford Certified Collision Network, will provide a personal service for the customer and deliver improved transparency to all parties.

Chris McKie, said, “This is truly ground-breaking. The size and impact of this project by Ford is enormous. We have been working closely with this technology since its inception, it is massively exciting and the realisation of a personal goal for our businesses and systems to be playing a part in this ground breaking initiative.