BMW April 2022

After complaints of easily broken-into EcoSports and Fiestas went viral, Ford has stepped up with a solution. This comes after numerous owners of various Ford Fiesta and EcoSport models complained about losing valuables after identical car break-ins, which they blame on easy-to-pick locks and poor security features. 

After having been accused of not taking the matter seriously, Ford South Africa has posted a video on Facebook and Twitter, where Corporate Transformation Manager Craig von Essen explains how the company plans to rectify the matter. 

“While newer Ford EcoSport and Fiesta vehicles are not affected, we are aware of older models being targeted,” Von Essen said. “In some break-ins, the alarm does not sound  although the immobiliser is still active. 

“We regret the inconvenience to our customers  and we will soon launch the following enhancements: 

“The alarm, if fitted, will remain active  and will sound if the car is broken into through the key lock. And, for models without a standard alarm, we will offer one as an accessory. This alarm will also sound if the lock is tampered with. 

“Thirdly, we will offer a replacement lock with a remote and a high-security key.” Von Essen concluded by stating that the company was finalising these solutions and would be communicating to customers as “a matter of urgency”. Customers who have concerns or queries have been asked to contact the Ford Customer Service department by phoning 0800 204 688 or e-mailing 

Social media uproar 

The car break-ins were widely publicised on social media channels, particularly the ‘My FORD was broken into South Africa’ Facebook page, which at the time of writing had accumulated almost 10 000 members. 

One of the most widely circulated posts showed three closely parked vehicles that were reportedly broken into on a single night, one of these also being a Focus hatchback.