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Fixman was established in 1995, their ambition was to create China’s own world famous tool brand, they patented their new tool range as FIXMAN, and this was the beginning of what would become a leading Chinese tool industry leader. Today FIXMAN professional tools are a global company with a stable of products that is the envy of the tool world.

Innovation has been an idea that has permeated the culture of FIXMAN, and it continues to drive everything they do. This dedication to improving products begins in the field, with FIXMAN’s specialised teams working closely with the end users and the trade professionals for product feedback on their tools; this has been their success story, communicating with their toughest critics the professional tradesman.

Today FIXMAN is the leading brand in the hand tool field, involving over 20 years in automotive, industrial, construction and DIY’ers. FIXMAN offers a full range of over 2000 products through its distribution network, which include a huge range of tool sets, trolleys, cabinets and benches.

Also in their range of quality tools sets, socket sets of varying sizes to suit the end users – all packed in their robust quality professional carry cases – there is also a comprehensive range of roller cabinets, screwdrivers, hammers, sockets, wrenches, cutting tools, in fact, the entire tool range.

“The FIXMAN range offers one every conceivable tool and great options on their tool sets, they are a high quality proven range of tools that are on a par with any tool manufacture in the country, said Vermont sales director Dale Engelbrecht. “They are also one of the most affordable brands when it comes to quality tools offering the same warranty and back-up support, it’s a premier brand in our company which we are very proud to have in our range.”

FIXMAN is a leading brand in the Vermont Sales operation and are available at all leading stores countrywide. For more information on your nearest retail outlet contact; Vermont Sales on                  +27 (0)11 314 7711 or visit their website Trade enquiries welcome.