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The three-day conference, held in Sun City at the end of July, provided a platform for a plethora of ideas to be discussed, and fostered a strong sense of collaboration through networking. Hosted by FIA, IISA and SAIA, this year’s theme was Disrupt, Debate, Deliver.

Digital technology is disrupting the industry, and remaining flexible and connected will make all the difference. Many insurers are feeling the threat of the digital revolution and assessing the potential of effecting general insurance in the years ahead. As a global innovator and proud challenger of industry consensus, the event was a natural fit for Fix Auto South Africa, whose goal was to announce its presence and gain exposure in the South African market.

Fix Auto turns 25 years old this year, and as a newcomer to the South African market, the 44th FIA/IISA/SAIA Insurance Conference was an appropriate forum to create a visible presence and initiate personal interactions with key stakeholders in the industry.

Attended by 1383 delegates representing 381 companies, Fix Auto South Africa was one of 47 exhibitors. The high-profile event, which included representatives from 27 different countries allowed the Fix Auto South Africa team to introduce the brand and highlight how Fix Auto meets and exceeds the requirements of an ever-changing industry.

Fix Auto South Africa used the event as a platform to showcase the brand and engage with many insurance providers, who had positive reactions about what they saw and heard from Fix Auto. In particular, Fix Auto South Africa demonstrated the future of collision repair with Fix-TRIP (Transparent Repairer – Insurer Programme).

Designed to eradicate historical trends, the design principles of TRIP incorporate transparency through system-driven processes. The software brings integrity back into the repair process. Insurer, repairer, optimiser and parts distributor operate with transparency on an open audit system that, encapsulates net part pricing, mark-ups, and RFC’s (return for credit) in real time.

Keen to engage with the industry and have some fun in the process, Fix Auto South Africa ran a darts competition. Contestants had a chance to throw three darts with their eyes open and aiming for the bullseye, in total transparency and with a clear end goal in front of them, much like Fix-TRIP. Contestants were also given a second chance to throw three darts, this time with a blindfold on, this resulting in the contestant not knowing the end result of the repair. All who played were entered into a prize draw to win a voucher for    R10 000 worth of repairs at Fix Auto Silverlakes, the first Fix Auto site in South Africa. The lucky winner was Ms. Tumi Peele from Inseta.

Malcolm Rajah, CEO of Fix Auto South Africa said, “Transparency in the motor repair industry is daunting. The future is Fix-TRIP.” Judging by the interest and traffic generated on the Fix Auto stand, it would appear the industry agrees.

If you have any enquiries about Fix Auto franchise opportunities or Fix-TRIP, contact Suren Ramsammy, national brand manager, on +27 86 999 0506 or email: suren.ramsammy@fixauto.com