Spies Hecker

Now the first measures are in place to overcome today’s acute challenges, a “new normal” has begun in body shops. Many are permanently changing processes and rethinking which tools and products support them best. 

Social Distancing in the body shop requires planning of the processes as well as training for employees. Every business should have a clear COVID-plan that details the distances that need to be maintained in order to avoid unnecessary contact between the employees – vital when assigning staff to repairs. This can be achieved with wireless colour measuring devices such as Genius iQ and the Standowin iQ app from Standox. Colour measurements can be carried out on the vehicle with these and mixing formulas can be selected on any internet-compatible device without refinishers having to go into the mixing room, not only ensuring some social distancing when determining the shade, but also working more efficiently as refinishers move around the body shop less.  

“Body shops currently have to master many challenges. But thanks to our flexible products, tools and services, we can take some of their worries away. It is becoming evident that modern, digitally-savvy body shops survive these challenging times better than most. We have been supporting our customers by consistently advancing body shop digitisation with our forward-looking offers for years,” says Olaf Adamek, Standox Brand Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

Plan all body shop areas for repair steps 

When the refinishers’ work plans are changed, processes must be reconsidered and rescheduled. Products that dry at room temperature and do not require forced air drying can be dried outside the spray booth. The Xtreme System from Standox is perfect for this and offers high quality with low energy consumption and short drying times. 

Digital contact, full support 

And if there’s a problem with a particular colour? The full team of Standox experts is still available even if they can’t be there in person. For complicated colours or an unsatisfactory result, the Standovision videos on the Standox YouTube channel and on www.standox.co/za offer practical help that is available any time. 

For further information on Standox, visit www.standox.co.za or contact Standox expert consultants.