BMW April 2022

This leadership is derived from their new innovations and technology, lifetime service package, new development, R&D, warranties, outstanding range, new Airstream batteries and charging system, and their unique Power Select concept.

Festool, a leading power tool blue chip brand within the Vermont Sales company is one of the top power tool giants in the world today. Established in 1930 they only had one saw but even the pendulum cover saw had all the qualities that set their entire range apart from the rest setting new standards in power tool and a force to be reckoned with in the industry. No power tool expert will question the position they currently hold

Today Festool provides the ideal solution for practically every job with the huge range of technically advanced performance tools and top draw cordless power tools. Festool R&D went all out to create and develop the best range of power tools that had to be better than perfect.

“Our power tool experts at Vermont Sales, who have been with the company for many years, cannot believe what the Festool operation has achieved with their range of products,” said Ryan Hunt sales director of Vermont Sales. “Every product has an edge, there is always something extra and special about their products, new ground breaking technology, their EC- TEC power plants, the comprehensive range that fits our customer’s needs, the accessory kits designed for the power tools, right down to the tool case Systainer systems that are simply brilliant, ” said Hunt.

The EC-TEC drive motors work like no other brand and are individually designed by their research and development department to ensure they always reach maximum performance for the task. Therefore, Festool only applies the EC-TEC philosophy when it is clearly useful for the customer.

EC-TEC guarantees more performance from a single battery charge. EC-TEC does not just provide high performance, but is also intelligent, by way of special power electronics, that always provide only enough energy as the particular work situation requires, it makes it possible to save energy and at the same time get significantly more from a single battery charge.

The inner rotor moves in close proximity to 12 magnetic poles which work together with integrated sensors to continually send information about the current position of the rotor which ensures a smooth rotation of the motor and a precise RPM regulation. Finally, the third important factor is robustness. EC-TEC works without carbon brushes and while it is working, virtually wear free, it is also constantly checking important parameters such as temperature and motor speed. The Festool 18 volt range offer a huge endurance difference and precision allowing one to operate the tools with absolute ease, the Festool system frees one from the constraints of electrical sockets and guarantees the best results every time. With the combination of a 5.2 Ah high performance Li –ion battery pack and brushless EC-TEC motor, the tools set the pace when it comes to performance, speed and impact energy, that complement each other perfectly in terms of dynamics, convenience and efficiency.

The Festool POWER SELECT cordless range includes:

  1. A powerful Quadrive PDC percussion drill
  2. C18 C-Shaped
  3. CARVEX PSC 420 PSBC 420 pendulum jigsaws
  4. TXS Drill and Driver
  5. CXS Drill and Driver
  6. DURADRIVE DWC drywall screwdriver
  7. The ultra-lightweight BHC 18 hammer drill
  8. T 18 + 3 flexible power pack
  9. HKC 55 Circular saw with FSK cutting rail
  10. The classic TSC 55 circular saw

All the cordless drill drivers come with the CENTROTEC quick release tool changers and some models with the CENTROTEC removable chuck and quick tool changer. The complete kits come in the state-of-the-art Systainer cases giving you everything you need and more, chucks, quick tool changers, FastFix attachments, angle screw driver, eccentric screwdriver or depth stop screwdriver, two Li-ion batteries and quick charger. All with the Festool three-year guarantee.

Festool say the QUADRIVE is like four-wheel drive for your drill, four metal gears drive the drills, for transmitting extreme power and speeds, making drilling and screwing effortless, with 60 Nm of torque in first gear, no matter if you are working with wood or metal.

Tests with the BHC 18, Festool say most workmen were blown away with the unit and referred to it as DYNAMITE, a word that is now used in their brochures worldwide, they were hugely impressed with its capability, the balanced weight distribution, integrated vibration absorption that improves the comfort – but most impressive was its enormous impact energy, high efficiency, the best weight-performance ratio in it class – a real powerhouse unit that was simply brilliant in all departments.