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Spanesi are the only major collision repair manufacturer that remains a family owned concern. The company recently held a special unveiling of an all new concept for total body shop design in Via-Praarie, Italy – the home base of their production factory.

The Spanesi company has survived a full 46 years of competition and are back right at the top of a new period of intense technology development. The 180 employees have achieved all their success simply by sticking to the task at hand. Cristina Spanesi welcomed a delegation of dealers from across the world, as well as some high powered delegations from VW and Porsche, who have approved the Spanesi 360º concept, amongst others.

The attendees were then shown the 360° concept envisaged by Spanesi body shop technology over two days. “We’re working hard at Spanesi to make the process of repair simpler and faster by concentrating on the whole process of body repair,” said Cristina. “We do this by making a business feel comfortable and a great place to be with the correct design right from the exterior look, office furniture right down to the electronic computer system.

The new 360° concept will deliver a “fast food franchise”-type look where each manufacturer looking for expert help and assistance in body repair will be able to develop their very own concepts for international roll outs for collision repair centres.

Coupled to this innovation is a new technological development  – a three dimensional car repair measuring system that was also unveiled. It is able to certify damage for assessment and comes with an improved system of damage analysis. Because of new methodologies, the new Touch gives an operator much more room to manoeuvre underneath the vehicle while inspecting crash damage. The inclusion of a remote sender to the Touch makes it fast and incredibly accurate in use.

Spanesi offer everything for any collision repair job, right from a design concept department, floor lifts to jig benches. Jig bench repair systems come with a newer and easier to use multiple head design. This enables existing jigs to be adapted to newer models by the use of a new head that’s adjustable. So with a multiple chassis design, no jigs are ever obsolete. In fact, one claim that Spanesi has is that not one piece of their equipment has even been consigned to the obsolete bin in 46 years of manufacturing.

Their vastly improved upper body repair packages for the increasingly demanding convertible type of car can now easily be repaired with their cross bar technology to within one millimetre in measurement using the combination of Touch and the Spanesi jig bench. The bench is receiving rave reviews in major European and US markets for its ease of use and ultimate accuracy to the original car maker’s dimensions.

The full complement of invited guests took note of some passionate speeches from the Spanesi technical experts. The company have endured many challenges with the ever changing OEM demands on repair centres. But now the excellence and dedication and the company’s commitment to manufacturing top quality repair equipment looks to be rewarded as more and more car makers come to talk to the Spanesi Research and Development team to answer problems of glass replacement and correct panel alignment.

Spanesi remain a company committed to delivering answers to new technical trends and development. Perhaps that is why as a simple family operation they have been able to take on some huge companies over the years. Mr Spanesi, who started the company, says that they still remain the centre of car repair technology always trying to get the job done in a faster and better way.

That is the secret of success for the entire Spanesi group. They simply stick to what they know best, improve process times and concentrate on the quality of their products.