BMW April 2022

Fast Track Claims Solutions (FTCS) is a revolutionary new end to end motor claims service provider.  What makes FTCS unique is its state-of-the-art evolutionary integrated platform, employing cutting edge software developed on artificial intelligence design principles. FTCS offers the Insurers, and related business entities, a range of very distinct products enabling the efficient management of the complex claims eco-system that Insurers and stakeholders have to deal with daily.

The first option for an Insurer is to access the revolutionary integrated platform of clients, service providers, workflow systems and a myriad of other value add products offered by FTCS. The other option is for an Insurer, Broker, or any other Insurance related provider to employ the services of FTCS to effectively manage processes they want to outsource to increase efficiencies and turn-around times and innovate to improve customer service.

FTCS will greatly assist in the end-to-end processing of motor claims for Insurers and related stakeholders who are looking for reliable and fast end-to-end solutions in speedy resolution of motor insurance damage claims. What sets this platform apart is the outright speed for e.g. a turnaround time of claims registration to assessment from as little three hours instead of the traditional 3 to 5 working days. 

The integration capability of FTCS delivers an increase in the efficiency of claims management as it eliminates unnecessary administration burden. This is achieved through a large reduction in inefficient processes as well as automation of manual processes that ultimately deliver a fuss-free quote from inception to the delivered final repair calculation which includes CSI. The platform has been integrated and supports both Audatex and non-Audatex based formats.

FTCS Assessing solutions includes a repairer network that consists of the most highly qualified autobody repairers in South Africa.  The system allows clients to have access to live track claims updates from inception to the final repair calculations (FRC) including all CSIs.

Overcoming fraud

A huge challenge to all stakeholders is overcoming fraud in related

collision repair procurement where fraud is often perpetuated by

creating false profiles and all too often clever syndicates continue in some areas to operate with the assistance of many service providers.

Part price manipulation and the lack of transparency throughout the parts value chain are major causes of leakage problems for many insurers and repairers in the industry. The FTCS portal provides a full compliance check and vital validation of credentials and compliance criteria for the proper onboarding and suitability of both qualified and skilled competent vendors in the supply chain on the system. FTCS has endorsed Smart Quote TM as an one-of-a-kind estimation engine as one of its damage quantification tools. Smart Quote TM can independently acquire parts identification and prices via graphics and is designed to work exceptionally well with the auto repairers in South Africa. The technologies FTCS employs bridges the gap between clients, insurers, repairers, and the supply chain, resulting in quotes being generated efficiently and timely and accurately.

Parts procurement

FTCS has a sophisticated system of parts procurement, addressing all the inefficiencies and leakages in the complete parts supply chain.  FTCS has a team of professional parts sourcers and validation experts who are employed full time. FTCS preferred partner of choice in the Parts space is the market-leading Edge Parts system. FTCS has an integrated automated OEM price validation tool, as well as equivalent non-original parts and availability including price confirmation. It offers all stakeholders an end-to-end pipeline visibility of the parts value chain from the time of authorisation until payments and includes a payments portal to settle repairers and part providers individually in one claim. It has the capability to enable financial reconciliation of all transactions including markup, discounts and is integrated to SAGE accounting providing seamless and automated invoicing and purchase orders.

Their procurement solution increases system efficiency with the use of artificial intelligence reducing costs and administration burden.

Workflow solutions

In-house software development capabilities and skills that can build unique workflow solutions rapidly to local specifications is also on offer. You can fast track your own innovation by using the FTCS bespoke workflow solution or let FTCS be at the forefront of your innovation by using some of their vanilla product set or to build your own solutions on a transaction fee basis negating huge upfront and risky development cost. The team have the latest API ready software with hundreds of connectors including a pre-built Document generation engine. The system is being used by various insurers at present. It is the most revolutionary and up-to-date repair solutions management software system currently available in South Africa. FTCS provides clients with meaningful data and analysis that measure and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) with your business’s financial metrics, analysis to ensure that there is continuous improvement for your business, provide insightful information and streamline your existing work processes.

FTCS offers a bouquet of claims products and services from first notification of loss (FNOL) through to payments including motor assessment, moderation, parts management, salvage, financial solutions and IOT (Internet of Things) solutions.

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