BMW April 2022

They reckon that detailing is the next growth point in refinishing. As such, the Farécla G3 Pro range of detailing products for vehicles has been developed with professionals in mind. The G3 Pro system comes in three phases: cleaning, restoring and finishing. This system specialises in removing scratches and is a welcome quality guaranteed product in your body shop. 

The G3 Pro Dual Action Polishing System includes the G Plus Dual Action Polishing Machine. The kit also comes in a detailing bag and includes: 500ml and one litre G3 Pro DA Cutting compound, 500ml G3 DA Fine Polish and a box of G3 Pro Microfibre Cutting pads (150mm), G3 Pro Foam Cutting Pads (150mm) and G3 Pro Foam Polishing Pads. 

The G3 Pro Wash & Wash is a highly concentrated formulation, safe on all surfaces and has a high foaming action. Its slick, smooth formula, softens and removes harsh contaminants without scratching, leaving a high shine and protective layer. It is silicone free, making it body shop safe too. 

G3 Pro Bodyshop Detailer is a final inspection spray. It is body shop safe, a waterless cleaner for bodywork, plastic, and chrome. It quickly removes compound residue as well as bird lime, sap, dust and fingerprints. For light to heavy dirt, use liberally with a clean, dry microfibre cloth. For ingrained dirt, such as tar, bugs and fallout, use liberally with a G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt.

G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner is a pH neutral touchless cleaner for all wheel types, including alloy, steel, chrome, painted and plastic trims. The colour changing technology activates as brake dust and other iron rich contaminants dissolve. It is non-staining, can be used on bodywork around the wheel and the gel formula clings to the wheel surface for maximum effect.

There is an extensive range for just about any need you may have in your body shop to get your vehicle looking better than new for a jubilant customer. For more details on pricing and distribution email: