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Axalta SEP 2021

Who better to deliver the precision and quality of parts for your BMW than BMW? No one has a more intimate knowledge of your vehicle and what it takes to design, build, and maintain in peak condition. Every one of the 20,000 components that typically makes up your BMW are the product of meticulous engineering and OEM expertise, so it makes sense to replace like with like during your ownership journey.

BMW Original Parts are identical to the parts in your BMW vehicle, meaning you can have complete confidence that your vehicle is going to perform like new.

Whether your BMW is five years old or twenty-five, make sure you insist on BMW Original Parts to keep it running like new for many more miles to come. 

They come with a 2-year warranty, which grey market parts do not. And they’ll save you money in the long run. Since they’re designed specifically for your make and model, they’ll perform at the highest level for longer, whereas grey market parts will need to be replaced and could negatively affect other components in your vehicle.

In summary, BMW Original Parts come with a trio of promises: uncompromising quality to retain the best performance; a two-year warranty on all parts fitted by a certified BMW technician to safeguard and protect you in the unlikely event they need replacing again; and the peace of mind that a like for like replacement has been fitted to the same exacting standards you have come to expect from BMW.

And if you still think BMW Original Parts are expensive, you’ll be delighted to know that from now until 31 December, we’re offering up to 40% savings on a wide range of parts to make sure you can enjoy the parts your BMW deserves for much less.

Your BMW Dealership’s Parts Manager will provide you with details of the parts covered by this offer, and the discount applied to each one. We guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to enjoy pure driving pleasure for many years to come.

Long live your BMW.