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This reliable compound filler works well for a wide variety of vehicles and due to its superior strength, it can make the restoration and repair process extremely easy. This all-purpose repairing compound contains Kevlar and other high-tech fibres that offer better strength and durability.

The filler spreads easily and provides clog-free, quick and smooth sanding. With excellent overall adhesion, the filler is highly compatible with a variety of paint systems. It contains ZNX-7 for superior adhesion to galvanised steel, aluminium and steel.

Evercoat – 440 Express™ Micro-Pinhole Eliminator. 30 seconds to a better repair.

440 Express™ Micro-Pinhole Eliminator is all you need for micro-pinholes that are hard to identify prior to primer application. This 1k technology is a high-solids polyester that is easy to apply and quick to dry.

440 Express™ Micro-Pinhole Eliminator will not shrink, therefore preventing the micro-pinholes from showing through the repair after the vehicle has been painted. Testing has shown, when used properly, 440 Express™ will eliminate up to 90% of all rework caused by micro-pinholes. All it takes is 30 seconds to a better repair.

Both of these products are available from SIB. For more information, please contact or visit or call: +27 (0)10 593 8920