How Estimators Impact your Business

Spies Hecker

Damaging your vehicle can turn out to be a nightmare. Apart from the physical and/or emotional stress of an accident, not only do are you inconvenienced when the car has to go in for repairs, but you also have to prepare yourself for the fact that the repairs can be quite expensive and that you may have to pay for some of it. Have you ever thought about how repair or auto-body shops get their repair estimates? How accurate are these estimates? And how do you know whether your repair estimate has been done by a trustworthy professional?

Well, most businesses and insurance companies use estimators to help them assess the damage to a vehicle – this is what the repair estimation will be based on. As a consumer and an auto business owner, you should be able to trust that the estimator you use is professional, trustworthy and accurate. Because inaccurate estimates can have quite a few negative effects on your business.

Firstly, before an estimator can create an estimation on a vehicle, they need to have had some training in on how to accurately draw up these estimations. This means that they would need to understand a lot about the vehicle they are estimating, as well as the processes of repairing the vehicle, including which materials would need to be used. If they have not had any recent training, or don’t understand the processes, they can not deliver an accurate estimation, which means that you, as the business owner, could end up paying more for the repair than initially estimated. Not only do they need to have training and a solid understanding of the tools, materials and procedures of a vehicle repair, but estimators also need to know how to accurately estimate the amount of labour needed for each repair job. As an auto business owner, running your business effectively includes creating a repair schedule for your technicians. An estimator would essentially need to know how to put an accurate repair plan together from start to finish in order for your techs to execute the plan while staying on par with what has been estimated. If this cannot be done, your business will eventually suffer.

Training your staff to understand the processes of a repair, as well as on vehicle models, tools and materials needed during a repair will help you create accurate estimations that will cover all of your costs and keep your business running successfully. Invest in training.