BMW April 2022

Esdee™ NC Spot Putty is one of SA’s most popular refinish products, and is now improved, with better formulation consistency and filling power. Esdee™ NC Spot Putty is used to fill fine scratches from sandpapers, filing marks, pinholes, imperfections or defects left from the bodyfiller or filler primer.

The smooth and creamy formulation means easy application, clog-free sanding, and a surface that is tack-free & pinhole free. It adheres brilliantly to most substrates; aluminium, steel, fibreglass, body filler, wood, 2K primers, sanded OEM topcoats, galvanized and zinc-coated steel.

The key benefit to Esdee™ NC Spot Putty is that it’s highly resistant to shrinkage and can be overcoated with 2K Polyester, 2K Urethane, 2K Epoxy or 1K Primers to topcoat manufacturer’s recommendations. Available in convenient 250g,  500g and 1Kg packs.

Now available online on the new Mix & Match web store. Simply visit: