BMW April 2022

Eguchi Iwao are suppliers of automotive OEM paint systems and are based in Prospecton, Durban – right next to major plants. The company operates from state-of-the-art 2000 square metre premises which has a huge refrigerated section that holds the 12 main colours that are supplied on a just-in-time basis. Along with the specialised paints are metal treatment agents, sealants, adhesives and abrasives in their line-up of available stock.

Technical manager Marshlan Pather runs a tight ship operation with state-of-the-art process efficiency to create company cost savings. A big part of this savings drive has seen increased sales of another four specialised Nitrotherm units from Eurosider being placed.

Nitrotherm Spray saves costs and time while maintaining a very high-quality and consistent finish. Savings of approximately 25% can be made on coating materials and 30% on labour costs. Nitrotherm is also the only OEM approved heated nitrogen application system.


How Nitrogen performs

*The molecular nitrogen is a colourless, odourless, tasteless and inert gas.

*Nitrogen is anhydrous and without impurities like dust, oil, fumes and chemical pollutants.

*Nitrogen is a more stable gas.

*The paint particles travel faster which means less working pressure with better coverage.

*Less overspray with improved applications speed and increased transfer efficiency on surfaces.

*Better working environment conditions and less spray booth filter maintenance.

*Improved thickness uniformity on all painted surfaces.

*Better grip between paint film and substrate.

*An improved colour match.

The new Nitrotherm patented membrane has an efficiency warranty that extends up to 20 years, on condition of accurate following of maintenance instruction by the user.


Benefits of Nitrotherm Spray (N2)

*Achieves complete coverage of the substrate in fewer coats.

*Smaller paint droplets with a consistent spray pattern provides a very reliable application process and a uniform, even coating thickness.

*Nitrogen reduces coating application paint/clear finish from five coats to three.

*Painters have greater control of material hence simplifying the painting process.

*Entry-level painters can achieve far better finish quality results.

*Texture can be controlled to meet variations in manufacturers finishes for matching factory texture/orange peel.

*Overspray is cut 50-75%.

*Material deposited on substrate, not on floor or in downdraft filters.

*Less material wasted, less material used.

*VOC reduction of 20 to 40%.

*Less VOCs entering the atmosphere due to paint savings.

*Corrosion Protection – voids and occlusions are virtually eliminated with N2, preventing water, oxygen and other contaminants from contacting bare metal.

*Increased Productivity – Labour Cost Saving.

*Particle Size – N2 produces more uniform surface coating and finish when compared to CA or pure nitrogen systems.

Nitrotherm Spray System is quick to install and can be used with all kinds of air compressors, paints, spray guns and in all temperatures, including across multiple spraybooths.

Painters are able to spray more cars, make more money, use less paint and produce higher quality work. The learning curve is very shallow and all current spray guns and other equipment can be used.

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