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Stepping out in faith is always nerve wracking, especially for a control freak like myself. The word “outsourcing” is swiftly accompanied by sweaty palms and a long list of things to be done if it all goes pear-shaped.

I’m so relieved to report that this hasn’t been the case in our latest venture of outsourcing our website and social media platforms. This side of our business has become a full time job of updating to keep our readers at the forefront of what’s happening locally, as well as globally in the collision repair business.

Not only does the website look amazing, but the numbers have been staggering – especially considering we went live in February and these numbers were taken in the shortest month of the year. We had 101 000 visitors in this short space of time, so I can’t wait to read the next report. There definitely is an office full of very happy bunnies at present.

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In this issue

We at Automotive Refinisher continue to travel far and wide to make every edition an informative page turner, and the latest issue is no exception.

We travel to Dubai to cover the launch of Kapci’s new iBlink (pg 6). What a feather in our cap to be the only media asked to cover this launch. A totally new culture of business and warm and friendly people is what we found in the UAE.

This magazine enjoys a Western Cape focus as we visits two top shops. We take a look at an all new shop in Paarl – Tekton (pg 16) as well as Weskaap Bakwerke (pg 44) in Vredenburg. Both totally different shops with a varied market, but equally as successful in what they do.

Regional developments for the CRA and their members comes under the spotlight with Ross Kavanaugh and some of the local members in the Western Cape (pg 20).

Our technical guru, Andrew Marsh, takes a look at the “Mysterious world of recalls” (pg 86) as the headlines of recalls from various OEM’s have become all too common place. He also gives us a quirky look at the Geneva Motor Show (pg 30) so enjoy his viewpoint and the gorgeous cars that were on show.

There’s plenty for the petrolheads too with the newly launched Mitsubishi Outlander and the recent Zwartkops and Killarney race meets where old and new cars and bikes got to have some fun together – alongside bespoke international teams.

You can read about newcomers to the market, local launches, WorldSkills and so much more. Happy reading.