BMW April 2022

Well, we’re sitting pretty here without power and today the traffic reports show a huge grid lock in full motion as just about all the major centres are without electricity. Its brinkmanship gone mad if you factor in some of the current woes of the country on the road to a free enterprise economy. The normal government litany of excuses comes over the airways each and every day, for our growth rate is being reduced from the expected 0.9% for the current year. This plus our greedy government’s appetite for taxes will see them fall way behind with a shortfall on tax collections of a whopping R63 billion predicted. 

The damage done by our capitalist-communist political system is running at mind-boggling levels as one after another revelation of gross mismanagement and outright theft is revealed.  SA Airways got another R16 billion rescue plus a whopping R112 billion going to Eskom’s cesspit of management. Our rate of close to 50% of debt spending is also showing no signs of slowing down.  

Given the desire to continue to use the Eskom crisis and the country’s various other fiscal debacles, the government aren’t slowing down on their way to take the nation to hell in a handcart. They are still flogging a dead horse and trying to push various vested and idealised agendas which coincidently, for a free enterprise systems means certain death. But no one seems to listen. 

With economic growth cited as a critical issue in the recent budget, it is not going to forge ahead without adequate electricity now is it? The whole matter is verging on a national disgrace if the government cannot keep the lights on. How can they ever be trusted on any other key matters that face the nation as well as their failure to mount a convincing plan for Eskom, who affect every corner of our body shop trade, as well as a great deal of other small struggling companies, and the additional generator costs that are mounting up for most concerns. It is hard to run a business in a productive manner at this rate of national screw ups.  

So, it is clear you must not hold your breath for a white knight to appear from the mists of this mess, for it’s now two years since President Ramaphosa took over and the mounting evidence that his government is not capable to steer this country out of the fiscal and economic crises is very evident. 

As we find ourselves in this predicament, we seem to lack the intellectual capacity or political savvy required to take on the public ballooned wage bill or the rampant destructive trade union labour tactics who have contributed in a big way to our dark future prospects in the auto aftermarket sector of the economy., to task.  

Added to this, the curved ball of Covid-19 – coronavirus, has been declared a pandemic, and this will damage all levels of travel for any adventurous human being. For many of us it will become a matter of sleeping with one eye open to keep pace with unfolding changes that are likely to occur this year. 

Business will become a bit like playing Russian roulette,  as various acts of government desperation play out, while internationally the USA is pumping money into their stock markets to make the virus go away.   

The real truth of the situation is that supply shock from the virus meltdown means that the worlds’  major commodity suppliers won’t to be able to cope with demand.  It shows that governments  failed to deal with the Chinese manufacturing’s ongoing capture of global markets which was taking place as many various national governments ignored the fact that 90% of everything came from China while they were busy dealing with other matters that now look unimportant. 

Now, you can’t even buy a protective face mask in South Africa to fend off the invisible epidemic!  The other factor flying in the face of the capitalistic system will be, if everyone is in lockdown, watch the demand shock rear its head. No one will be allowed out to buy anything, only daily food stuff as the home or free enterprise burns down on recreational disciplines and consumer durable products, not to mention the travel industry which is reeling from empty planes.  

Whether this will bring an end to the                                                                                                                       petro Dollar era and the great banker ponzi schemes on global stock markets, which are rigged to make the rich richer, remains to be seen as the pandemic races ahead to change everything in its sickening path.  

On a positive note! 

The skies are clearing in China and are blue again, birdlife has returned and satellite pictures show how less emissions are improving our atmosphere right across the globe. The earth is healing and is a great wonder to behold. Let’s support local freshly produced small businesses, share, take a moment to think of others and step up to the plate in creative ways to assist one another in this time of unchartered territory.  

The Covid 19 Hotline Number for South Africa is – 08000 29999. A world first the local Whatsapp group – 060 012 3456 and a brilliant way to keep up to date. Just type “hi” in the message and it follow the prompts from there.  South African’s are very resilient, so keep on standing strong! 


By Ian Groat