BMW April 2022

Edge Tech Systems (ETS) specialises in bespoke custom software development that businesses require to continuously adapt and evolve into the digital era we exist in today. 

They assist in the digital technology transformation by developing end-to-end digital software solutions customised in a manner that ensures the efficient and smooth running of business processes and operations. They also take pride in the programmes they have developed for many businesses over the years. 

Working closely with their clients to create exactly what their system’s needs are to ensure ease of practice in just about any spectrum or field. ETS have built software that achieves client’s business goals and encompasses the specific operations needed to be done at the click of a button. 

This includes developing from conceptualisation to execution, small to large applications, which are fully cloud and web compliant using the latest technology to create exemplary programmes. 

“There is a massive complexity behind what we do, but we deliver it in a clear, concise and simple form which directly impacts business value by ensuring software solutions that deliver what you need when you need it,” says ETS CIO Tawfeeq Jamal adding that “ETS focus on removing the complexity behind any required system, after all, you as the client have more important things to worry about than algorithms, development timelines, coding, IT buzzwords and dependency management and lots of other things that many a business owner find difficulty in trying to wrap his\her head around.” 

Edge Parts Procurement programme 

One of the flagship products is the Edge Parts Procurement programme that has been designed to streamline the parts sourcing, ordering and purchasing functions ensuring accurate parts pricing, validation and availability making delivery of parts a seamless experience. 

It ensures repairers receive correct pricing of OEM and non-original parts from the onset. Edge Parts is fully connected with approximately 350 plus dealerships and parts suppliers nationwide. It includes major suppliers such as Motus, Barloworld, McCarthy, Westvaal, Key Delta, Super Group and CFAO. Repairers have the liberty of choosing their preferred supplier where parts ordering and delivery is seamlessly managed via Edge Parts. Repairers also have the benefit of streamlined administrative processes and participation in financial solutions allowing the repairer to further enhance their cash flow. Other Features include: 

  • Key parts ordering, sourcing, delivery and procurement 
  • Instantaneous OEM pricing
  • Parts availability or back order confirmed upfront
  • Better job planning
  • Transparency across the supplier chain
  • Superior customer experience as no delays 

For more information and enquiries email info@ You can also login and follow us on Facebook: Edge Tech System.