BMW April 2022

With winter fast approaching, many factories, workshops, processing plants, restaurants, corporate buildings and other ‘difficult-to-heat’ areas will be feeling the chill, and given the cost of electricity, heating solutions that are effective and economical will be high on the list of priorities.

“Infra-red Zone Heating’ provides the perfect solution and will create effective, warm comfort in tricky, spacious areas that have historically been problematic to heat.

Many South African buildings are not insulated as those found in Europe or the U.S., and even though our winters may be milder, we do still experience two to three months of really bitter cold. In an environment that has not been designed to retain heat, warming an area for the duration of the winter months is often an expensive and ineffective approach.

“The solution to this perennial problem lies in what is termed infra-red zone heating where an infra-red halogen lamp produces a beam of heat over a defined area. The Infra-Red zone heater projects radiant heat at a wavelength which passes through the air unimpeded. It essentially only warms people and not the building environs and inanimate objects, this amounts to a massive 70% energy saving.

Productivity, comfort, morale and job satisfaction suffer at the hands of the cold winter. Zone heating can be compared to floodlighting and can be projected to warm specific areas in the factory that contains the highest density of people without wasting unnecessary heating.

It makes the workstation the most comfortable and attractive place to be in the office, and for restaurants, it’s the ideal solution to keep your patrons comfortable. A zone heater does not ‘burn’ oxygen, it prevents drowsiness and increases productivity.

The Infra-Red Zone Heating system requires no maintenance other than a globe change when necessary and is easy to install – an electrician can quite easily mount and connect the simple 220v system that not only frees up floor space, but is also compact, odourless, highly energy efficient and noise-free.

Given South Africa’s drastic electricity cost increases and the cost of gas, finding the most effective and safe heating methods is essential. Infra-red zone heating is:

  • Beamed and controlled with direct heat transfer
  • Highly energy efficient and 90% more effective than gas
  • Not affected by draughts or air movement
  • Compact and unobtrusive
  • Clean and creates no residues or pollutants
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Presents no health hazards
  • Burns no oxygen, resulting in no drowsiness
  • Does not dry the air
  • Does not generate intense convection currents.

The infra-red zone heating system is made up of simple 1.5kW modules that can be used individually or in combined multiples. Generally, to provide an even heat over specifically shaped work zones, the single lamp unit is the most popular and easy to apply. The number of infra-red zones heaters required depends greatly on the space and layout of the building.

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