Spies Hecker

A good product label shows exactly what is in the tin and displays clearly all the information the refinisher needs – nothing more or less complicated than that,” says Joachim Hinz, brand manager for Spies Hecker in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “In advance of designing the new labels, we asked the Spies Hecker refinishers exactly what they wanted to see in the mixing rooms. And the new labels deliver the information our refinishers need in their day-to-day work, at a glance.” 

The most noticeable changes: product codes and product descriptors are displayed more prominently on the front of the label. Large vertical coloured sidebars indicate what product family and therefore what technology is contained within the tin. Two icons show users whether a Permafleet product is suitable for industrial or commercial vehicle use. The relevant technology system icons appear on every tin so it is it clear which products work together in perfect harmony to deliver the greatest advantages for a particular job. The Speed-TEC System icon, for example, shows that these products accelerate the repair process, even at low drying temperatures. The colour of primers and surfacers can easily be seen on the bottom left of the label.  

Hinz says, “The new labels make the application and differentiation of Spies Hecker products even easier for everyday use. Our refinishers will notice the advantages of the new design labels immediately.”