BMW April 2022

The popular panel beating software package, Dr Smash, is highly rated across some 500 successful panel shops. The system has been given a new look with a number of key new business management areas. “Our developers have been working on this version for a while now and we are excited to get our overhauled user interface out to our clients” says Christine Boorman, national manageress at Dr Smash. “This new version has been designed around increasing management control and integrations with outside parties. Managers can look forward to our Audatex integration becoming seamless for both our importing and exporting back to Audatex, ensuring that all your information is automatically kept up-to-date and accurate while also saving on capture time. Our paint import facility has had a full overhaul to give you more information, Including gross profit calculations as the jobs move through your shop, as well as automatically limiting your painter’s ability to mix against jobs that aren’t even on your shop floor. Our productivity module has been overhauled as well to allow integration with new suppliers as well as additional reports breaking down time on jobs including cost versus income analysis. With over 100 changes in this version I could go on for ages.  

Any body shop will see the immediate benefits of being able to Increase their control on their costs, be that from paint or labour, and having that come from a company that has 27 years of business success behind it you know you have the support required to improve on your own successes.  

With packages for panel beaters, mechanical workshops, assessors, tow companies as well as fully customised programmes, Dr Smash has most certainly positioned itself well to cater to the whole motor industry from the small new entrants to the large industry leading hyper successful.  Even their pricing follows their ethos of working with their clients as they have kept their costing to a once off purchases without the need to pay any costly lease fees. A major selling point in today’s cash strapped market!  

They do, however, offer support contracts to those who want to have free support and their Dr Smash data backed-up by a fully equipped and manned control centre at rates that are more than reasonable.  

You can call Dr Smash software on +27 (0)31 700 6498 or visit their website at to get more info.